welcome to my world

My palette is my stash of colorful fabrics and fibers, and my paintbrush is my sewing machine. I find this medium best suited to my creations because of the hands-on approach in combining the tactile sensation of touch with the visual expression of colors. Fabrics offer me something other art mediums do not, and thread stitching the finished design adds a unique perspective, detail and dimension.

From tiny fiber art to huge fabric wallhangings, my creations explore shapes and colors, and are filled with inspired symbolism and engaging stories. Because I find every day to be a new and wondrous adventure, filled with diverse and interesting people, my tagline

ah life 

is stitched hidden somewhere in each of my creations. As I continue to perfect my craft and learn something new each and every day, I will keep reaching higher.

layered fabric art creations
           by naida

ah life designs

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