eve's journey

Join me on Eve's Journey as I place myself beside Eve's namesakes from different countries and cultures around the world as the river of life flows and bends and twists through generation after generation keeping us all connected as we move through our time in history.  Women crossed civilizations as captured commodities of war while so many men were killed trying to keep them safe. History has always been written by the victor, not by the men from the tribe that was extinguished, nor by their women who were taken captive and sold into slavery. Even in the worst of conditions, most of these women still had babies with bloodlines that ended up all mixed together, all connected. And I bet that if they could have, these women would have written letters to their sisters, explaining what happened to them, what happened to their husbands and children, how they felt about it, and what they thought about what was happening in the world around them. So as I study each historical time period, (not necessarily in chronological order!) I create two fictional sisters, one being a namesake of Eve, the other a namesake of her first sister Lillith. One sister creates a fiber art creation related to their lives and  to their historical time period, and sends it to her sister with a relevant letter attached. The letters are written as I would write to my sister today, often with little or no consideration given to the time or place or literacy of that century. Although historically accurate, the letters are fiction. My story starts sometime in the 40th century BC, somewhere in Iraq, and will end sometime in the 21st century AD, somewhere in Iraq.Realizing one's potential is what makes a person, man or woman, truly great, whether or not historians ever notice it. My look at history reevaluates the relevance of the history of warfare and invention as compared to the history of humanity. Imagination is my tool for revisiting the story of history, where I see the familiar and experience the ordinary, yet find the Divine in the midst of common, everyday life.  All of my characters are children of God, no matter what different name or names they might use to try to understand their creation, for I believe that all religions are branches of one big tree. The tree of Life. Ah, Life!                                    

First Kiss
Sometime in the 40th Century BC Somewhere in Iraq
3743BC Vuollerim Village, Sweden
Indus Valley
3160BC City of Ur, Sumer, Mesopotamia
100AD Ephesus, Asia Minor
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