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 During my lifetime I have been a graphic artist, architectural draftsman, interior designer, and owned a small advertising agency. My vivid imagination has always brought many ideas and creations to life, and my artwork utilizes a variety of materials, graphic design styles and vibrant colors.


Fundamental to my being is the belief that all people in this world come from the same source, that we have been created as individuals with particular strengths and characteristics, with crucial roles to fill for ourselves, our families and our communities. I use a lot of symbolism in my artwork because I see meaning in everything, and believe that the awesome river of life flows through and connects each of us to each other. Having lived near the ocean for most of my life, the smooth curves found in my work symbolize that ebb and flow.  Ah Life!

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Ah Life Designs

                          907 WB McLean Drive

                 Cape Carteret, North Carolina



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